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Even you have decided to carry out your office relocation on your own you will need some help with moving your safe or a fireproof cabinets. If you get your employees to move it and the get hurt you may be called to account and suffer high financial consequences. Do not take the risk and let your local, professional and affordable safe and fireproof cabinet removal company to do the job for you!

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Fireproof cabinet movers and removal services

Transportation of cash-boxes and safes

Moving and transportation of heavy cash- boxes, safes and fireproof metal cabinets

If you make the decision to buy a new safe or in case you just want to move your old one to another location, it will be a good idea to contact a specialist machinery moving company. Such companies offer their experience and professional equipment for accessible prices. Also, they work with the best possible team of trained safe movers who have years of practice and knowledge in this specific area.

The equipment used in the process includes trucks with tail lifts, pallets, stair climbers, strong straps and belts to secure the safes or fireproof storage cupboards, also many other helping tools to keep your possession away from damage.

The weight of a safe depends of its construction and the materials it's made from. The fireproofed safes are much heavier than the metal safes.

What's the cost of moving a safe?

Moving a safeMost customers are often curious of what is the price for transportation of a safe. The truth is that this process is really hard and each job is very specific. It is almost impossible to set an exact price on this kind of service. The cost of moving a safe can vary from £100 even up to a £1000.

Everything depends on the weight and the dimensions. If you want to move a small safe or fireproof filing cabinet within the Leeds, Bradford or Wakefield are that will cost you much less than moving a huge safe weighing 1 ton that has to be carried up or down the stairs. Anyway whatever type of safe you want to relocate we can provide a free estimate.

In respect of larger safes removals and multiple fireproof cabinets relocation needs a site inspection is recommended, prior to the transportation. This way, all the building logistics and the characteristics of the safe will be known.

The safe removal companies Wakefield or Bradford will be aware of the weight and a plan will be devised, including the details on number of porters that will be needed in the project and what kind of safe moving equipment will have to be used. You should know that the inspection is usually free of charge and can be arranged in a time that works fine with the customers schedule.

After the date and the time are specified our representative will pay you an official visit and will write down all the details linked to the safes and metal cabinets you want to move – shape, fireproofed or metal, size, weight and other important characteristics. This data is very important. In the case of moving very heave safes the weight capacity of the lifts within the building have to be checked.

Furthermore, a few more things should be taken into account for example the presence or the lack of the goods lift and also does the weight of the safe allow the usage of elevator at all?

In case there is no elevator in the building, the number of the floors should be considered. What about the other building? Don’t forget that the safe is moved towards a certain destination. Do the safe movers have to carry the safe using the stairs? What kind of stairways is available? Or is there an elevator? Once the representative has received answers to all these questions, the inspection is over and the final safe and fireproof storage units moving price can be calculated.

There’s always a slight chance you don’t have the time for arranging an inspection. Companies moving safes offer the options of estimating the price over the phone, but for this purpose you should give all the information, mentioned above.

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