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Every organization spending a lot of money on their office move want to be not only confident in the feasibility, quality of the services ordered, but also in the validity of the documents received from their mover. Each office move carried out by our company has a contract containing the details of the job: date, time, volume, type of service, the methods and terms of payment and other requirement tailored to the individual needs or the particular customer.

Office moving

Want to know the cost of an office relocation in Bradford? Call us for a free estimate! In the predetermined date and the place of the upcoming move our appraiser-manager will turn up and assess your office to prepare the costing for your upcoming move. The sum you receive will not change because it has no hidden costs. For transportation of bulky and very heavy objects like office desks, safes or filing cabinets we have our rigging - a service which cannot be avoided in order to move your equipment professionally and without a single damage. A typical office moves in Bradford consists of the following services:

Moving office in Bradford
  • removal and installation of equipment
  • disassembly and reassembly of furniture
  • pack furniture
  • unloading and loading operations
  • moving boxes supply
  • positioning
  • unpacking of office archives

All this of course you can make with your employees yourself. But for these kinds of business removals services, we do not recommend saving. As shown, the disassembly and reassembly of furniture do not take long of a trained crew but for inexperienced office staff it can take ages. It requires special tools and expertise so nothing get lost . You have to remember that avaricious pays twice! And what will happen if one of your employees gets hurt. Do you know home expensive accident compensations are? We know! Much more than buying a new office furniture and office items. Computers and other office equipment require solid packaging. We have everything to protect your valuables. Relocation by office movers in Bradford. If you want to see more services please visit Removals Stanley.

Porters, team leaders and office move managers

Our porters, team leaders and foreman responsible workers and can be trusted . They carry out loading and unloading at both sites. Our office movers in Bradford are experienced employees and you can rely on their performance, and this has been proved! It is no wonder that we are responsible for the safety of transported property of our customers. Porters, team leaders and move managers in BradfordOur team is trained and have extensive experience in various types of office move management projects. We can also carry other type of jobs:

To find out what other services we can provide simply contact us and your free time. Our customer service team will be happy advice you on any aspect of your move. Asking does not cost anything but may save you a lot of money on your removals. We are awaiting a call from you between 8am and 5pm during the week.