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Plants are an important part of any household. They provide a healthy environment for people living in the house and a good impression of domestic peace and tranquillity. They can help to beautify the house environment such as a home interior or help maintain a positive emotional state. When you move, it is very important to make plans on how to move house and garden plants in a manner that will keep them alive and healthy.

Domestic plants removalsPreparing plants for moving

There are many things you can do to prepare your domestic plants for relocation. Gathering information about the plants and how to move them is the best thing you can do to prepare. You should also take into account the necessity of trimming plants so that it might become easier to pack. Many florists can also provide information that can help at this time.

Kill plant parasites first

Before you pack your plants for relocation, you must make sure that they do not carry any parasites or other insects. The best way to do this is to place the plants in a black plastic bag with tape for insects or something.

Leave the plants this way over night in order to kill any parasites or pests; make sure the plastic bag is closed tight so that pests might not get out or hide. There are many other very effective methods concerning killing plant parasites. We encourage you to browse through some gardening portals on the Internet. You will get a lot of tips and advice on killing plant parasites.

Packaging domestic plants for moving

Plants can be packed in a cardboard box for the move. You can redeem leaves using wet paper towels or newspapers by placing them around. Make sure you have covered well the plants with damp paper towels to keep them in moisture. This will keep the plants alive and prevent them from drying out during the move. If you have hired a man with a van to move your things, make sure the boxes are labelled so that they are not loaded on the truck first. Otherwise they could end up on the bottom and get squeezed. If possible the boxes should stay open the the plants have as much fresh air as possible.

Moving plants from flat

Houseplants moversYou should be prepared to carry your flat plants with your vehicle. It is important to keep the temperature as stable as possible when transporting them so as not to create too much discomfort for these plants. Make sure you park somewhere where you might find shade in the summer and in a sunny spot in the winter. This will help plants remain healthy throughout the whole removals.

The new plant location

It is vital to unpack your plants as soon as you arrive at the new location. The best way to unpack the plants is to remove them from the bottom of the box. This will help you avoid breaking the stems and other plant parts. Because they have been kept in a dark environment during the trip, it is recommended to re-light everything gradually. Remember to water the plants.

Moving other types of plants

You should also move plants that are in the yard or in your garden. In order to replant the garden plants that are currently in an outdoor environment successfully, you should be aware of the soil conditions in the new location. Make sure the seeds are stored in airtight containers and pack the bulbs in loose soil or dry peat. If you cannot take the whole plant, take at least the trees that you can use to plant again.

Ask for help if you need it

Once you have moved the plants to a new location be attentive with them and observe their growth. New conditions can have lasting effects on your plants. If you need help, do not hesitate to ask someone for assistance. Many florists are happy to provide advice and assistance to those who come to ask for help in their store. Also always make sure you choose experienced garden plants movers. Careless and unprofessional garden plants removals can easily damage your plants.

Moving houseplants to another country

Moving garden plantsIf you travel abroad, it is important to be informed about your new country and their laws. Some countries impose restrictions on certain plants, so you need to check whether you will be allowed to move your plants in the country.

Shipping companies Leeds should know all the garden plant international transport regulation. If you can not get satisfactory information on moving your plants overseas contact the local embassy or visit the government website of the country you are moving to as they should be able to provide this information.

Moving domestic plants is not as hard as it looks, so do not let these little ones behind!

Follow these simple tips and you can move your plants successfully so as to have them with you in the new house. See also Greetland.

For more advice on how to move garden plants safely contact our indoor and outdoor pant Removals Experts. We are always happy to advice you and provide a free quote and costs associated with moving house-plants.