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French cheese - very popular in FranceIf you are looking to move your goods from Leeds to France you are in a good place. With our weekly removals to Paris, Lyon, Marseille and other french cities we can relocate yours and your family possessions anytime you want and at a very short notice. Providing excellent and on time relocation services we have build our company based on recommendation and flawless reputation. Weather you are moving from Leeds itself or from anywhere within 70 miles radius we are confident that our shipping costs to France will be very competitive. Give us a chance and call us to find out more. We will be happy to email you some more information regarding the delivery time, time-scale, and all areas covered. As we do any moves from sending one box to full house removal please do not hesitate to ask us if you believe your requirements are unique. We guarantee that we will provide our moving price for any type of relocation or parcel shipping. Call us today !

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We cover literally every village, town and city in France. Nowhere is to close or to far. As we are away honest with our clients we offer free or charge quotation. Just contact us using our online form or call us at any time!

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As one of the best UK based company we provide regular removals to France, Toulouse, Bordeaux, Limoges and wherever you want. We deliver every aspect of a friendly and cost effective moving service tailored to your individual needs. We collect from any UK address and deliver to any location in France be it Calais, Avignon or Poitiers. Call us for a free estimate today!

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We can move to France anything you want!
White goods, furniture, desks, sofas, computers, TV, books, ornaments, personal items, pictures, clocks, plates, wine, spirits, cars, pets and many many more.

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What's the distance from Leeds to France?

The distance from Leeds to France would depend on the city you will be moving to. We have prepare a few options just to give you a picture of what you can expect:

Mileage from the UK to France
UK City City in France Distance
Leeds Paris 759 km / 476 mi
London Marseille 1 235 km / 767 mi
Glasgow Lyon 1 563 km / 971 mi
Birmingham Toulouse 1334 km / 828 mi
Edinburgh Rennes 1322 km / 821 mi
Manchester Nice 1742 km / 1072 mi
Bristol Nantes 961 km / 595 mi
Liverpool Strasbourg 1155 km / 708 mi
Sheffield Montpellier 1481 km / 937 mi
Nottingham Bordeaux 1247 km / 775 mi
Cardiff Lille 531 km / 330 mi

We offer professional and cheap Leeds to France removals. We are shipping to all destinations in France: Paris, Lille, Marseille, Toulouse. Take advantage of our daily collection and weekly furniture delivery to France services.

Moving to France advice

France is definitely one of those countries where you may want to emigrate to. France is very often called “The land of love” despite it does not offer as high earnings as Australia, USA or Germany and it does not lure travellers with attractive social care and benefits such as Sweden.
However, many people get attracted by a quiet life style especially in the southern part of the country or by beautiful landscapes, rich culture and culinary. As some say you can love or hate France. There is no intermediate option.

A removal to France from Leeds, if you are British, is not as straight forward as you may think. French language is not easy, and also the French themselves use different dialects and accents. And of course the language their speak is the best! But it also have to be said that they are trying to be understanding and very willing to help foreigners - improving both the accent and shoving words more appropriate in a given situation, explaining some nuances.

To start with it is worth seeking temporary employment by a job agency. They have a lot of offers, and the fact that many things are handled for you, it is a great facility.

In addition, a temporary work does not entitle you the use most of social assistance and benefits or full medical insurance, etc., but working in France gives great opportunities to gain experience.

In France the full time job is 35 hours per week. French people do not like working overtime.

From Leeds to France removalsShipping to France your personal belonging and furniture is rather cheaper than expensive. Shipping costs can be cut down as long as you have time to search for movers who offer regular removals to France form Leeds.

Life in France in general is much quieter than in the UK. When you go for a lunch, you can eat it quietly and can take your time. It is not as in Leeds where the break should not be too long and you have to "lap" your dinner and ran back to work. And the rush is rather seen as something disturbing.

When moving to France from Leeds you have to also get used to the lunch and dinner hours which are very strictly observed - no matter there is a meeting in progress or a customer is calling. At the lunch time one put away everything and goes for lunch. The celebration of food is amazing. Even during a wedding there a 4 or 5 hot dishes served. Only when all food has been eaten, you can think about the moving away from the table. Otherwise it is an insult.

Most French homes are very cold as they do not have the central heating as well as most of the buildings of flats. It is worth remembering, especially when going to visit friends and stay with them for a few days. 15 degrees is in the bedroom, 18-19 in the living room and for many French it is a sufficient temperature.

When moving to France from Leeds with small children or if you are pregnant you should be looking for a kindergarten or a nursery as soon as possible. In most cases it takes about 6-7 months to process the application. And keep in mind that the younger the child, the greater his chances of admission to the nursery.

Christmas in many French cities is 12 hours of music on the streets. Somewhere from the mid-December from the speakers in the streets start to play different "Merry Christmas" songs. – You will need some time to get used to it as most of them are in French. On the first day you may not be able to concentrate at all and can feel like in some shopping mall.

It should also be noted that since the beginning of January the smoking in no longer permitted in public places. It’s quite strange, because the French love to smoke and do it very often. But the threat of financial penalty up to 450 euros is impressive even for them.

Contact us today to ship your furniture and excess baggage from Leeds to France. We can send any type of domestic goods and house equipment. We will delivery your sofa, wardrobe, tables, chairs to your holiday home with no scratch. Whether you want to transport just one box of clothes or books or a full vehicle to France our man and van Leeds will complete the task on time within the agreed budget.